A History of Hard Work

Bluestem Media LLC began providing website, photography, and video services to small businesses in the West Fargo area in 2000.  Since then we have grown to proudly serve small businesses throughout the Fargo-Moorhead region.  Our goal is to partner with each small business to deliver the service they need at an affordable price.

We focus our attention on small businesses in the Fargo-Moorhead area, but that won't stop us from helping you even if you live outside of the Minnesota and North Dakota area.

Bluestem Roots

Wide Open Prairies. Hard Work. Real People.

Native bluestem prairie grasses once spread across the Red River region in the era of the first settlers in the mid 1800s.  The men and women who braved the harsh winters and worked hard through the years to make a living - and stay alive - are an inspiration to us at Bluestem Media.

Bluestem Media LLC was born in a rural home surrounded by hundreds of acres of native prairie grasses - including big bluestem and little bluestem.  You could say we are inspired by the tenacity and care of the farmers & ranchers, the craftiness and strength of the blacksmiths, the marketing of the shopkeepers, the grit of the railroad workers, and resilience of the many families who would have walked the paths winding through these bluestem grasses.

Our work reflects the character of these folks.  We work hard, form relationships that matter, and use our craft to help others to be successful.

And so now you know the real story behind Bluestem Media.

Prairie grasses

Personalized Service

Part of your team.

We want you to see Bluestem Media not as an outside firm, but as part of your team. We care about you and your business and will work hard to help you grow and succeed.

To us your project is not just another website,

but an opportunity to form a positive and ongoing working relationship
with a fellow small business.

"When we are contacted from many other companies offering the same services we always have the same answer, 'we are 100% satisfied with our current provider and wouldn’t change a thing'."

Mike Boe, General Manager
Adventure RV, West Fargo, ND

Adventure RV in West Fargo

"It often feels like he’s just an extension of our team since he’s always coming up with ideas on how to make our web presence better and is genuinely interested in seeing our company be successful."

Tawna Hermanson, Financial Advisor
Financial Strategies Group, Fargo, ND

Financial Strategies Group logo

"Eric's customer service has been great, he's patient and yet keeps us focused on reaching the end. He has been very responsive to 'changes on the go' and adapts well."

John Vines, Operations Manager
Salem EFC, Fargo, ND

Salem EFC logo
Eric Wiinanen

Eric Wiinanen

Web Designer, Owner

Ready to Help Your Business

Bluestem Media is led by Founder/Owner Eric Wiinanen, who has over 16 years experience in web design, photography, and video production. Eric works with some very talented designers, developers, and copywriters to create stand-out web, photo, and video projects that fit into your budget.

Eric’s many years in law enforcement have prepared him to stay calm and collected under pressure, well-prepared to meet the demands of your web design project. At age 20 he began working for the City of West Fargo and he’s worn many hats through the years being out on patrol as an officer, teaching D.A.R.E., and working as the city’s webmaster, photographer, and videographer. After 19 years working in this capacity, he recently retired to pursue his work at Bluestem Media full time.

Eric is a great communicator, and he has a knack for distilling technical terms and programming concepts down into everyday language that makes good sense. He is also serious about doing his work well. He cares about the details, and he’ll make sure to get it right.

Eric is a hard-working small businessman and a caring community member, but he’s also a family man. When not working on websites and photos he enjoys taking walks with his wife Jen, playing ball in the backyard with his four boys, and flying model airplanes when the wind is just right.


Home Office: Hawley, MN
Service Area: Fargo, ND & Moorhead, MN and around the world


M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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